Max Kellerman on OMF admits he was wrong about 2 things when it comes to Tom Brady


Four years ago, ESPN's Max Kellerman famously said Tom Brady would fall off a cliff.

It has been a talking point ever since and Kellerman has always stuck by what he said.

Kellerman joined Ordway, Merloni & Fauria Tuesday and admitted he was wrong about two things.

“I should have never said bum and I apologized for that the next day because I was being glib, but I should have never have said bum, especially about someone like Tom Brady," he said. "But, I did believe in the cliff. OK, I was wrong in two ways. One, it was the year after my prediction. And two, it is much more of a ravine than a cliff. Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, those guys, ‘Oh, my God. They have better than they have ever been and then all of a sudden they couldn’t play anymore.’ I was expecting something like that where as Brady was better than he had ever been and then he took a deep fall, but he’s still — even then I said he could be average. He’s a little better than average still, but I don’t think much.”

The ESPN talking head believes Bill Belichick saw what he did.

“Let’s look at what happened, because it’s not like Belichick wasn’t seeing the same thing that I was seeing," he said. "He wanted to get rid of Brady for (Jimmy) Garoppolo. Brady did an end-around Belichick, went to the owner, went to (Robert) Kraft and got Garoppolo shipped out of town. Garoppolo took a team that couldn’t win to save their lives, went 5-0, got hurt and again, couldn’t win to save their lives, he comes back and they don’t lose. They go to the Super Bowl and have a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter. Like, Belichick saw that and wanted to replace Brady with that guy. He couldn’t. Brady left the cupboard bare for him.

"In the meantime, Brady and the Patriots needed to beat Miami the last week of the season, that is a game they always win, but he didn’t. And then you need to win the playoff game and when you don’t have a bye in the first round in the worst division ever, it’s easy to advance. It was a little harder last year and he couldn’t do it because he’s getting old.”

Kellerman believes Brady is a little better than average quarterback now and does not think Tampa Bay will win the NFC South.

.@maxkellerman joined @OMFonWEEI on the 4yr anniversary of @FirstTake premiere and the "@TomBrady cliff" take.Kellerman today on TB12, “He's a little bit better than average but not by much.”Full interview: @LouMerloni @christianfauria

— WEEI (@WEEI) August 4, 2020