Mike Vrabel discusses Bill Belichick 'losing his mind' over clock loophole in AFC wild card game

By WEEI 93.7

Everyone remembers the Wild Card game last season between the Patriots and Titans when Mike Vrabel took nearly two minutes off the clock in the fourth quarter by committing multiple dead-ball penalties when punting.

It was a coincidence because Bill Belichick and the Patriots did the same thing earlier in the year.

Appearing on "Helliepod" podcast with the NFL Network's Dan Hellie, Vrabel recalled during the game hearing Belichick was "losing his mind" on the sideline over it.

"(Titans assistant John Streicher) Stretch does a fantastic job upstairs. He's committed to being my eyes upstairs ... He's like, 'You've got to see Bill. Bill's losing his mind,' " Vrabel said.

Vrabel wasn't trying to show up his former coach.

"It's all relative, you know what I mean?," he said. "I was like, 'Hey, we've got to finish this game off and we'll see what happens.' It was only done four times last year. It's got to be the right situation. I would have gone for it (on fourth down) but we lost like five yards on third down."

This offseason, the NFL changed the rule on this and made it so time would not be able to come off the clock.