Tom Brady on M&C doubles down on hearing people who doubted Patriots

By WEEI 93.7

Immediately following Sunday's AFC divisional round win over the Chargers, in an interview with CBS on the field, Tom Brady indicated he's heard people who have doubted not only him, but the Patriots as a team this year.

“It will be a good game. [The Chiefs are] a good team. We played them earlier in the year.” Brady said. “I know everyone thinks we suck and can’t win any games, so we’ll see. It will be fun.”

Appearing on Mut & Callahan Monday morning, Brady was asked who he was referring to.

“I just think it is just a general — what is generally said about our team," he said.

Brady added: “It is just a question you get asked. I mean, we have TVs on from time to time. I don’t think you are completely into anything. I just know a lot of people didn’t think we could win yesterday and I’m sure a lot of people don’t think we can win in Kansas City.”

The 41-year-old and the Patriots can draw from the same motivation this week, as most people will likely be picking the Chiefs, who have opened as three-point favorites.

“They can pick whoever they want," Brady said. "Kansas City is a great football team. They really are. We played them at home. They are having an incredible season. Even the games they have lost they have been right in them until the end. Any less than our best won’t make it this week. It’s a tough place to play and we just have to be as mentally and as physically prepared and be as mentally and physically tough, and go in there and try and beat a great football team.”

Brady has seemed to have this same mentality since coming into the league as a sixth-round pick.

“I am trying to do what I have always done," he said. "I don’t think it has been any different now at this age than it was when I was in my second year and in the playoffs against the Raiders, Steelers and the Rams. It is a different team. It is different challenges. Again, I love playing the game. That has always been what it has been to me and that has been a real blessing in my life — loving something as much as I do, to work hard at it, to try and be the best I can be for my teammates and for myself and for my family every time I take the field. That is what motivates me every day.

"That love is there. I don’t see it going away and it will be a sad day for me when it does, but I am glad I’m not there yet.”

The Patriots will play the Chiefs next Sunday in the AFC title game in Kansas City. Kickoff is set for 6:40 p.m.