Benjamin Watson says he played with torn Achilles in 2019

By WEEI 93.7

Patriots tight end Benjamin Watson is perhaps tougher than anyone thought.

The 39-year-old posted to Instagram Friday morning that he played through a torn Achilles this past season and credited TB12 Sports Therapy for helping him do it. Watson did not appear on the injury report once during the year.

It's unclear the degree of tear Watson had, as it seems unlikely he could have played with a fully torn Achilles. It may have been partially torn. He tore his right Achilles in 2016.

Watson finished the year with 17 receptions for 173 yards in 10 games.

Benjamin Watson played the season on a torn Achilles thanks to @TB12sports. --That’s pretty big news. Says a lot about his toughness as well.

— Will D. (@WAD1980) January 17, 2020