David Andrews: 'My choice has been made' on whether to play or not this season


David Andrews missed all of last season due to blood clots in his lungs, so when Patriots players started opting out of the 2020 season, he came to mind as a player who potentially could given what he went through last year.

But, that is not the case.

Speaking via video conference Sunday, Andrews confirmed he's in fact playing.

“It’s something obviously we all have to think about and make our own choices,” he said. “My choice has been made, and it’s something I feel comfortable with. To have the opportunity to go out and play, talking with doctors and my wife, it’s something we feel comfortable with. I’m just excited to get the chance to go out there and compete again.”

Andrews added: “You obviously have to talk about it, right? I mean, it’s something we’ve never faced. Not that I ever can really remember having to deal with something like this – especially as a grown-up. I mean, you’ve got to talk about it, and obviously me and my wife have. I’ve made a decision that we feel comfortable with, and like I said, I’m just super ecstatic to get this thing going here.”

As of Monday morning, the Patriots have eight players who have said they are opting out of the season. This means some players who didn't expect to have big roles this year, or even roles at all, will be given the opportunity.

Andrews, who was an undrafted free agent, compared this to his own situation.

“A lot of guys now are going to have a lot of great opportunities,” he said. “I kind of think about how I got my start in this league with guys being banged-up. Different circumstances, but I got an opportunity that maybe I wouldn’t have if guys were healthy at times. A lot of young guys now, and younger players are going to have big opportunities. Just got to take them and run with them.”

The Patriots who have had three straight negative COVID-19 tests are able to go to Gillette Stadium this week.