Rookie S Kyle Dugger could play in different spots on Patriots defense this season

By WEEI 93.7

A lot was made of Kyle Dugger, the Patriots' first overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, adjusting to the speed of the game coming from D-II Lenoir-Rhyne.

But, through almost two weeks of training camp practices, it hasn't seemed to be an issue at all.

Dugger seems to be working on learning multiple roles with the defense -- playing in the box like Patrick Chung, but also the normal safety spot.

“This comfort for me has been very good just with -- more so how I have been coached up," he said. "My coaches as well as my teammates, the veterans in the room, have been huge for me helping me understand the box and the differences. Really just the confidence is coming quite well because of that specifically.”

Dugger added: "I feel like as I continue to see different things in every position, obviously the more I can do the better. Like I said earlier, the veterans and coaches have been huge in helping me get a feel for both spots. I can’t say what I feel more comfortable doing (either), but I want to be comfortable doing both, equally.”

The rookie missed some time recently and he said it was more frustrating not being able to participate in full with his teammates opposed to falling behind himself.

“It is not so much frustration because of the time and having to take a step back, but more of not being able to get out there with the team and grow with them and kind of develop with them and be involved," Dugger said. "(That) is more so the frustrating thing. Really just not being able to be part of the growth as we go through camp was the frustrating thing for me.”

With all that being said, Dugger is fully enjoying his first days as a NFL player.

“It’s (indescribable)," he said. "It’s really a great feeling. A real blessing. Just being out there is so joyous and I love being able to be out there and touch the field and play the game. It’s really (indescribable).”