Peter King on D&K explains why he believes there will be an NFL season

By WEEI 93.7

The future of football, and really all sports for that matter, is pretty unclear at the moment.

No one really knows what is to come with the COVID-19 pandemic, but the NFL is planning to hold its 2020 season as planned. 

Appearing on Dale & Keefe Thursday, NBC Sports' Peter King explained why he believes that will actually happen.

“I do. I am pretty bullish on it," he said. "If you listen to my podcast with Dr. Fauci, he believes that there will be football and he thinks also that there should be football. As do I. America needs sports, period. I think that all of reporting, all of the fact-finding, all of the debate, all of the long Zoom meetings that people in the NFL are having and people with all these teams are having — that’s good. All the questioning, just like we’re questioning what about the test taking -- all of that is good.

"Because we are three months away from it mattering at all because I want to you think about this: Nobody cares about the preseason games anyway. Today is May 14, the first game of the regular season is four months from two days ago, the first full weekend is Sept. 13, the first game would be on Sept. 10. We’re four months away from games and really three months away from when teams would really need to start practice to get ready if you’re going to start on time.

"Three months with this disease is really an eternity because just think two months ago I was going out to dinner and shaking hands with people. … So much changes in the span of two months and the NFL really has three months before players have to gather and mobilize and start preparing for the season.”

Currently NFL teams are holding its offseason workouts virtually as no teams are allowed at facilities.

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