Phil Simms explains why Cam Newton will fit in so well with Patriots

By WEEI 93.7

Now that the dust has settled and Cam Newton is a member of the Patriots, the question becomes how does he fit?

Newton's skills don't exactly match what the Patriots offense has been over the years, but appearing on WFNZ in Charlotte, CBS' Phil Simms explained why it will be a good fit.

“I did 80 or more games as a TV announcer so I have watched everything," Simms said. "I could say I know no team in football like I know them, or a coach like I know Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels. Let’s see. What have the done over the years? They’ve run five different offenses during the years. The offense they ran last year — run the ball, play-action passes, short passes over the middle mostly, tons of screens, throw it to the running back, I just don’t know if Cam Newton can do that. That would be so difficult. You hear the sarcasm, right? 

“I love this talk of will he fit? What are we fitting? He has all the talent, the same traits as Tom Brady. Will he be the pocket passer and do all of those things? No, because he will roll out and run or throw it or do something different. I think it is a great fit for New England. I think it is a great fit for Cam Newton. I am sure Josh McDaniels is already going, ‘Well, let’s see here, what can I do?’ He loves nothing more than designing new plays for players that come in and again, think about what they have done.

“The four wide receivers years ago when they went 16-0, nobody else was doing it. Using the double tight end, they started that with Gronk (Rob Gronkowski) and Aaron Hernandez years ago. They started the slot wide receiver when they got Wes Welker. Then they started let’s throw it to the running back as our main option a lot of times because linebackers, or whoever, a safety can’t cover them once they come out of the backfield. I like their chances of finding ways to use Cam Newton.”

Newton will likely compete with Jarrett Stidham over the summer for the starting job.