Rob Gronkowski sounds happy in retirement, puts end to comeback talk

By WEEI 93.7

Ever since Rob Gronkowski retired this offseason, there was always the thought he could change his mind and come back at some point next season.

But, at a charity event at Gillette Stadium Sunday to benefit the One Mission "Buzz Off For Kids With Cancer," the former Patriots tight end did his best to put them to rest.

"Oh man, whatever I say, it doesn't matter," he told reporters. "It will always be crazy out there. You can put them to rest."

Can we?

"I just did. ... Yes, [I'll put them to rest]," he said. "I'm feeling good. I am in a good place. It's great to be back [at Gillette Stadium], though."

Gronkowski also had a message for the Patriots fan base, noting how much they mean to him.

"I love the New England community," he said. "They're something special. The support, not even on the field, but off the field, too. New England will always be special. It will always have a big part in my heart and always have much love. All the people around in the New England area and here today, just the support and love they show is something special. That's why it is great to continue this and continue the relationships and keep giving back."

Gronkowski's former teammates will have mandatory minicamp this week.