Rob Ninkovich on GHS: Losing James Develin was biggest blow to Patriots offense

By WEEI 93.7

Through 12 games, it is clear the Patriots offense isn't an offense like we've seen in the past.

Tom Brady is having trouble clicking with young receivers and the running game has been an issue due to a variety of factors. The unit has lost a few players as well, including fullback James Develin.

Appearing on The Greg Hill Show Thursday, former Patriots linebacker and current analyst for ESPN Rob Ninkovich believes losing him was the biggest blow to the offense.

“The biggest thing that happened this year is you lose James Develin," he said. "That was the biggest blow to the offense, the fullback position. The fullback position and a blocking tight end, if you’re not able to go into 22, 21 personnel … you lose that guy, it is hard to run your power plays, your counter plays, it is hard to run the plays that you love, your bread and butter.

"Then, you mix in your play-action pass, you’re softening up the defense running the football and then it is an over route with Julian (Edelman), it’s a snag, it’s a go route. That is the game within the game that they have done so well and then you lose Develin, I think that has been the biggest blow to the offense because they can’t run the ball like they want to.”

Ninovich also discussed Brady's future and he would not be totally shocked if he were to play for another team next year and does not like people who believe he should take a pay cut because of how much money his wife Gisele Bundchen makes.

Listen to the full interview below.