Roger Goodell provides update on NFL's investigation into Patriots' videotaping incident

By WEEI 93.7

It has been almost two months since the Patriots' videotaping incident involving the Bengals during their game against the Browns in Cleveland, which came the week before taking on the Patriots.

A member of the Patriots' video team illegally recorded the Bengals sideline and field, but the footage was said to have been for a "Do Your Job" feature on an advanced scout and had nothing to do with the football department.

The league said it would investigate the matter, but there has been nothing since, even though at the time it was reported that it would be a quick investigation.

At his state of the league address in Miami at the Super Bowl Wednesday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was asked why the investigation is taking so long and shouldn't it already be completed given all the evidence is in front of the league?

"The answer to that (last) question is no. It shouldn't because our responsibility is to make sure we're being extremely thorough. We have a responsibility to 31 other clubs, we have a responsibility to partners, we have a responsibility to fans understand all of what happened, and to make sure that something that we don’t know happened didn’t happen. And so, from our standpoint we want to make sure we are being thorough.

"Our team has been on it. We have been focused on this. I think it has not been that lengthy of time. We obviously put the focus on it, but we are going to get it right. When we come to a conclusion, we'll certainly make sure that people are aware of it."

It's been speculated the Patriots will be fined heavily and possibly lose a draft pick.