TMZ's Evan Rosenblum on D&K: 'Almost a 100 percent certainty' video of Robert Kraft walking into parlor will be released

By WEEI 93.7

It appears there will one day be video of Robert Kraft walking into the Florida parlor where he allegedly received sex acts.

“Yes, there is almost a 100 percent certainty," TMZ's Evan Rosenblum said on Dale & Keefe Friday. "This is all going to be public information and as soon as the case closes they are probably going to release all of the stuff. You’re going to see, I would bet on footage being released of Robert Kraft walking into these parlors.”

The Patriots owner is being charged with two counts soliciting prostitution, but he's denying any illegal activity. Police say they also have video of him also performing the acts.

This was part of a months-long sting looking into human traffickers who had lured women in to work as prostitutes. Close to 150 individuals in Florida have been charged with various things as part of the sting.

Watch: Police in Florida announce #Patriots owner Robert Kraft to be charged with soliciting a prostitute in Florida.

— WCVB-TV Boston (@WCVB) February 22, 2019