Tom Brady: Patriots offense still preaching patience

By WEEI 93.7

Typically, Patriots offenses are close to or where they want to be in December with four games remaining in the year, but not the 2019 edition.

Due to players coming and going, as well as a reliance on young and new receivers, the message with the offense is patience, which was conveyed by Josh McDaniels on a conference call earlier this week.

On Friday, Tom Brady was asked about it being December and the difficulties of still preaching patience.

"Well, it’s kind of just where we’re at," Brady said. "So, we’ve added some players late, and guys are coming back from injury and so forth. I’ve said this before. Like every team in the league, there’s no excuses. It’s did you win or did you not? I mean, at the end of the day, that’s what it comes down to. So, we’re trying to score more points than them, and teams that are good in all three phases are tough to beat. And we want to be one of those teams."

As an offense, it is ranked 14th overall and Brady ranks in the bottom third of most statistical categories among quarterbacks. Besides Julian Edelman and James White, Brady hasn't been able to trust any of his other pass catchers. Because of this, teams have played more man-to-man against the Patriots this season because they aren't worried about getting beat.

"I’ve played a lot of football, so in 20 years I’ve seen a lot," Brady said. "So, yeah. I mean, every team kind of takes on a little different style about how they choose to defend, and teams that like to play a lot of man coverage, they play a lot of man coverage against us. So, a team that plays a lot of zone – it’s like anything. If you hurt it, they play less of it. If you don’t hurt it, they play more of it. That’s like what any smart team does."

Brady and the Patriots will take on the Chiefs Sunday at Gillette Stadium.