Ty Law on D&K tells story of when Peyton Manning tried to get him drunk at Pro Bowl


Pro Football Hall of Famer Ty Law joined Dale & Keefe Wednesday as part of Tom Brady week, but while he was telling a Brady story he just had to share a story about Peyton Manning.

Law recalled a time when the Pro Bowl was in Hawaii and Peyton Manning tried to get him drunk to learn some of his secrets.

“I have to tell you a story about Peyton because Peyton would try and get to you," Law said. "… Once you get over to the Pro Bowl you’re on the same team and Peyton would try and get you drunk and then try and dig into your brain. ‘What did you see? What did you do?’ It’s on me because he’d feed you all these mai tais. He wanted to keep feeding you all those to butter you up and ask you what you see and this and that.

"I was like, ‘Peyton, I ain’t falling for that (expletive).’ I told him right there.”

Law is well-known for picking Manning off three times in the 2003 AFC championship.

The star cornerback also got into what it's like negotiating with Bill Belichick, as like Brady, Law left New England following a long career (10 years).

“He has a price and he has it set and that is what it is going to be," Law said. "There may be a little negotiation, but there ain’t going to be much wiggle room with Bill when he has his price. That is just the way it is and that is how he’s been successful, I guess. You can’t argue when the man has been to nine Super Bowls and the way he handles his team. That is what he chooses to do. It’s business on his end as far as keeping the team together and not overpaying, doing his job saving Mr. Kraft money and still continuing to win. 

“We have an obligation to ourselves and our family to get what we feel we deserve as players and sometimes that doesn’t always coincide I don’t care if you’re Tom Brady or the last guy on the roster. I thought Tom Brady would be the least expendable of any of us, of course. But, at the same time I have always said he’s not immune to the business of the NFL and he’s not immune to Bill Belichick and how he does business. It is what it is.

"So when people go crazy like, ‘Tom Brady is going somewhere else,’ I did not want to see him leave and go to another team, but guess what, he isn’t the first or the last to do it. How many team did Deion Sanders play for? Joe Montana? He left. Emmitt Smith, the all-time leading rusher. Jerry Rice has been to a few teams. Think about these guys in there with gold jackets and the majority of the played for a couple teams, even if it was at the end of their career.”

We asked Ty Law about when he picked off Tom Brady...but FIRST he told a different story..."Peyton would try to get you...once you get over to the Pro Bowl, you're on the same team Peyton try to get you drunk and then try to dig into your brain...he feed you these mai tais..." pic.twitter.com/ytboUR3urN

— Dale & Keefe (@DaleKeefeWEEI) April 1, 2020