Video surfaces of Bengals confronting Patriots in press box over footage of sideline, field last week


FOX Sports' Jay Glazer obtained exclusive footage of the Bengals confronting the Patriots last Sunday in the Cleveland press box when they were recording the Bengals sideline for a "Do Your Job" feature on an advanced scout.

The video shows the actual footage the Patriots recorded, as well as the producer telling the Bengals employee he did not know what he was doing was wrong and he could just delete it. The footage the Patriots obtained was just of the sideline and the field -- no scoreboard with down and distance.

This appears to go in line with the Patriots' statement, which included saying it was strictly the production team and the football side of the organization had no knowledge of it and would not ever even see what was recorded.

Here's the exclusive footage.

FOX SPORTS EXCLUSIVE: @JayGlazer reveals footage of Patriots filming Bengals.

— FOX Sports (@FOXSports) December 15, 2019