What Robert Kraft texted Tom Brady following learning he was leaving New England

By WEEI 93.7

By now it is well-documented that Tom Brady went to Robert Kraft's home in mid-March to let the Patriots owner know he would not be re-signing with the team.

After telling Kraft, the two called Bill Belichick and Jonathan Kraft to let them know the news as well.

An excerpt in Peter King's Football Morning in America from Jeff Benedict's new book on the Patriots called, "The Dynasty" revealed how emotional that night was for the Patriots owner.

It read: "Alone in the doorway, Kraft waved as Brady’s taillights disappeared in the darkness. Thirty minutes later, sitting alone in his house, Kraft texted Brady: “Love you more than you know for being so classy in everything you do. Your parents should be so proud. I love them for creating you. You are truly one of a kind.”

Benedict joined The Greg Hill Show on Monday morning to discuss the book. Below is the interview.