What to expect from new safeties coach Brian Belichick


Brian Belichick, Bill's youngest son, has been on the Patriots' staff since 2016, but this will be his first year as a position coach.

He will take over for his brother Stephen at the safety position, as he moves to coach the outside linebackers.

So, what can be expected from the youngest Belichick?

“Knowledge,” cornerback Jonathan Jones said on a video conference Wednesday. “He’s grown up around the ball. His whole life has been football, so you get a lot of knowledge from him, what he’s learned from being around. He’s been around it so much his entire life. He definitely brings that facet to the game and just another set of eyes on the game."

And how will his role change now?

“Just a little more vocal,” Jones said. “I think before it was more behind the scenes as an assistant. Now he has the opportunity to take charge and take lead of that group and put his fingerprint on it.”

The youngest Belichick started as a scouting assistant and then has been a coaching assistant the last three seasons.