Mitch Moreland reflects on playing with Eduardo Nunez: 'He's a trip'

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On the latest episode of the Bradfo Sho podcast, host Rob Bradford, Chad Jennings from the Athletic, and Red Sox first baseman Mitch Moreland shared their memories of the impact Eduardo Nunez had on the Red Sox organization after the recent news that he has been designated for assignment.

"He stepped up huge for us in the playoffs but also in getting us there. The month and a half that he strung together in ’17 was impressive,” said Moreland. “He was hot on that run and always smiling. He was a great teammate and he did a lot of good things for us over the last couple years.”

Moreland gave high praise to Nunez for his contribution in their first place finish in 2017 and World Series championship in 2018. He talked about how exciting of a player he was in '17 before his knee injury, calling Nunez the spark plug on the team. 

“He was all over the place. Stealing bags, taking that extra base, an infield single, turning a single into a double, or scoring from first. That '17 run was a good couple months of baseball,” said Moreland.

Nunez, who reinjured his knee in Game 1 of the 2017 ALDS, never wanted to admit he was anything but fine. Jennings explained that the knee injury had become a major problem even into the bulk of last season but he never wanted to admit it.

Jennings, who has followed Nunez from his days on the Yankees, shared strong sentiments of his character and what he learned playing alongside future Hall-of-Famer Derek Jeter.

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“His lies were always, ‘I’m fine.’ His lies were always, ‘Nope it feels good now, I’m ready to go,’” said Jennings. “Some of that is also what he probably learned from playing with Derek Jeter, who would always say, ‘I’m fine.’” 

Both Bradford and Jennings agreed that Nunez may never get the proper credit for his impact on the team in just 225 games. A big part of that is based on the tail end of his tenure because he didn’t seem to have a specific role or major influence with a bad knee.

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