Kraft family pledges $1 million to local grassroots organizations

By WEEI 93.7

"actions > words"

That's how the video the Patriots shared on social media Friday begins, and it proceeds to follow through on that message thanks to a pledge the Kraft family is making.

The video announces that over the next 10 months, the Krafts will be donating $1 million -- in $100,000 monthly donations -- to local grassroots organizations that are "fighting for equity, working to end systemic racism and creating meaningful change in our community." The organizations have been chosen in collaboration with Patriots players.

"Change always begins with listening and learning," the team's statement says. "These organizations will be invited to speak to our executive staff and senior management across the Kraft Group businesses so we can learn about their work and continue to grow in knowledge and awareness, especially among those in leadership positions."

"Our eyes, ears and hearts are open," the video concludes.

Our eyes, ears and hearts are open.

— New England Patriots (@Patriots) June 5, 2020