Brad Marchand reveals which teammate he’d least want to be quarantined with

By WEEI 93.7

Brad Marchand hasn't seen his Bruins teammates in person in a month as the NHL and the rest of the country have remained under quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, so he'd be pretty happy to get to spend some time with any of them at this point.

But during a virtual town hall with Bruins season ticket holders on Thursday, Marchand revealed that there are a couple teammates who would probably drive him nuts if he had to spend the entire quarantine with them.

"Jake (DeBrusk), probably. I think it would have to be Jake," Marchand said. "I feel like I'd have to babysit him like one of my kids and clean up after him. But at the same time, he'd probably entertain my kids too, because he's one of them.

"It's either that or maybe Tuukks (Tuukka Rask), because we'd just be hammered together the whole time and it would be his fault."

As far as whom he's actually quarantined with, that is of course his wife and two kids. Marchand said he's trying to make the most of his time with them, noting that he usually doesn't even get this much alone time with them during the offseason.

"I'm trying to make the most of the time at home that we rarely get," Marchand said. "I don't think we've ever had this much alone time as a family, even during the summers and days off and stuff. We have a lot of family and friends and people we tend to see, so it's been a big change just having our family home together. You can't change what's going on, so just trying to make the most of it and enjoy that."

One thing Marchand hasn't been able to do during this break, though, is watch any of the movies or shows that everyone else is binging, as he has no control over the TV.

"I don't get to pick my TV shows or movies any more," Marchand said. "I've been watching a lot of my kids' shows. We are currently watching a lot of Polar Express. My daughter loves that one. Polar Express, the new Grinch movie, Cat in the Hat. Those are some that we've been watching. I just put the TV on for them and try to stop them from yelling at me."

Looking ahead, Marchand, like everyone else, can only guess at when the NHL might return or what the season might look like when it does. One thing he does know, though, is that players are going to need some time to get back up to speed and into game shape before jumping into playoff games.

"Nothing really simulates the workout you get on the ice," Marchand said. "You can't duplicate it. It's completely different, so it doesn't matter who does what in this break. We're all going to feel awful coming back. We're all going to be bad. It's going to take a while to get it back.

"That's probably the biggest concern, that if you take guys who have been off, who have very limited opportunity to work out and to train and haven't skated in months, you can't just throw them back into games in a week. Everybody's going to get hurt. So there's going to have to be some kind of a ramp-up period. It's going to be really, really ugly for the first few games, so it would be nice to get a few games in before the playoffs started."

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