The special message Bruins received before Game 1 vs. Carolina


Normally during a playoff run, Bruins players' families would be around the rink pretty often, especially on game nights. That obviously won't be the case this year, as families weren't allowed to join players in the bubble. That could potentially change in the later rounds, but for now it's just players, coaches and other team staff.

The Bruins organization wanted to make sure the team still got a taste of home ahead of Tuesday night's Game 1 against the Hurricanes, though, as coach Bruce Cassidy revealed on his pregame Zoom call that the team put together a nice video with messages from players' and coaches' wives, girlfriends and children that was played for the team.

"The Bruins did a great thing yesterday. We got a video from most everybody’s family wishing us well," Cassidy said. "It was kind of nice to see some familiar faces. Even though you’re seeing your own kids on Facetime, I think the whole Bruins team seeing all the kids around – Zee’s (Zdeno Chara), Marchy’s (Brad Marchand), everybody, going down the list, Tuukka’s (Rask), Bergy’s (Patrice Bergeron), it’s kind of nice again because you usually see them around the rink this time of year a little more and everyone is in it together. That was nice, a nice little sendoff into the playoffs."

Also on the subject of being away from home, Cassidy noted that one area where it might be even tougher than usual is after a loss.

"Especially after maybe a tough night, you get a hug from your kids or your wife or all three or four or five or whatever the case may be – your dog comes up and doesn’t know the difference whether you win or lost, some of that can make you – take away a bit of the sadness or the anxiety you’re feeling," Cassidy said. "You just sort of say, hey you know what, I’m going to let it go for a while and you recharge the batteries.

"I think every player on every team that has that situation, coach, manager or whatever, you miss that. You’ve got to do that yourself or through Facetime or what have you. That’s the same for everybody. That’s why I thought early on that the mentally tough teams are going to have an advantage as it goes along that can park some of that stuff."

The Bruins hope they won't have too many of those nights going forward.

Puck drop for Game 1 against Carolina is set for shortly after 8 p.m. Tuesday night.

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