Time for Bruins' round-robin finale vs. Capitals set


The Bruins finally know the time of their round-robin finale against the Capitals on Sunday. The NHL announced early Saturday morning that the B's and Caps will kick off the final day of this qualifying round at noon. The game will air nationally on NBCSN and locally on NESN.

That will be followed by Blues vs. Stars in Western Conference round-robin play at 3. The day will conclude with Maple Leafs vs. Blue Jackets Game 5 at 8 p.m., which will be a highly anticipated game after Toronto's wild three-goal comeback and overtime win Friday night.

The scenarios for the Bruins are pretty simple. Win Sunday and they'll be the No. 3 seed and face the seventh-seeded Islanders in the first round. Lose and they'll be the No. 4 seed and take on the sixth-seeded Hurricanes.

Read our take on why the Bruins should absolutely want to win and face the Islanders instead of Carolina here.

On Friday, Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy reiterated that the most important thing for the Bruins is finding their own game and making sure they're ready for Game 1 of the playoffs, but he also said it would be good for the team to actually win a game before then, as so far they have lost all three games they've played in Toronto.

"I mean, the approach going into this whole thing was, get ready for the playoffs," Cassidy said. "We had hoped that hey, we could have a great start and use this game as a maintenance game if need be, or see where we’re at. … Yes, there is something is at stake, so I think that’ll make our players a little more focused. But as I’ve said all along, I think the major part of their focus is on Game 1, our first postseason game.

"I’d like them to be able to park that and focus on the opponent we’re playing 100 percent. … At the end of the day, let’s play well, play better than we did against Tampa, obviously hope to be injury-free, and be building in a positive way towards Game 1. That hasn’t changed. And the last part of that, it would be nice to win a hockey game. We haven’t since March 10 or whatever it was, so that’s the other part of it. You don’t want that lingering in the back of your mind, jeez, are we able to win? That to me is important as well."

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