Best of Brady Week: Wes Welker, Ty Law, Tedy Bruschi and more

By WEEI 93.7

All week, WEEI has been airing special Brady Week programming, all to benefit the Restaurant Strong Fund.

If you've missed any of it, check out the audio clips below.


-Boomer Esiason joined The Greg Hill Show to discuss Tom Brady's departure and his favorite Brady moments.

-Dale and Keefe ranked the top five tight ends Brady has played with, and Jermaine Wiggins and Christian Fauria contributed their own lists.

-Charlie Weis joined Ordway, Merloni and Fauria to discuss his time coaching Brady, and also weighed in on the top five tight ends debate.


-Tuukka Rask joined GHS to talk about what it's been like to play in the same city as Brady for so long. We also discussed the NHL layoff.

-D&K talked to Tom E. Curran about the transition to Jarrett Stidham and Scott Pioli about being in the room when the Patriots drafted Brady.

-OMF ranked the top three Brady haters and then talked to Rob Parker, who made all of their lists.

-Kurt Warner joined Mut at Night to talk about facing Brady in the Super Bowl, watching his career, and how he'll fit in Tampa.


-Wes Welker joined GHS to discuss his time playing with Brady and what he thinks of his move to Tampa.

-Ty Law joined D&K to talk about playing with Brady, and he also shared a great story about Peyton Manning trying to get him drunk to reveal Patriots secrets.

-Tedy Bruschi joined OMF to reflect on Brady's Patriots career and to rank the best Patriots linebackers during the Brady era.

-Mut and Andy Hart broke down the Patriots' biggest rivals during the Brady era.


-Heath Evans joined GHS to discuss his time with Brady and Belichick and how he thinks each will do without the other.

-Kevin Faulk joined D&K to talk about when he realized Brady was special.

-Drew Bledsoe joined OMF to talk about working with Brady, and ultimately losing his job to Brady.

-Tom E. Curran joined Mut to reflect on his interactions with Brady over the last 20 years.


-GHS tried to settled once and for all who has been more responsible for the Patriots' success: Brady or Belichick?

-Dale, Keefe and Andy Hart held a fantasy draft of Brady's Patriots weapons.

-OMF ranked Brady's best off-the-field moments and talked to Adam Schefter about how we got to the point of Brady leaving.

-Mut relived an all-time great blunder... the day he reported that Brady had been bitten by a dog at Super Bowl practice.