Boston Mayor Marty Walsh on GHS stresses having patience with return to normal

By WEEI 93.7

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh joined The Greg Hill Show on Wednesday to discuss the latest developments with coronavirus.

As the numbers go down across the state and in the City of Boston, more and more things continue to open, but some want more.

Walsh stressed having patience.

“It is about patience, too," he said. "Again, this is a virus. This was not created by Marty Walsh. This wasn’t created by Charlie Baker. It wasn’t created by you. It wasn’t created by any of us, unfortunately. This is a virus that we have to take very seriously. I appreciate all the people call in. If you go out without a mask that is up to you, but remember this: if you get the coronavirus, if you haven’t had it, and you have family members that are vulnerable with health risks and older people, you’re going to bring that to them. That is a dangerous thing. What we tried to do at the very beginning to the best we could was do all the quarantine to try and basically kill the virus. That’s the only way of doing it. It hasn’t gone away.

"But, the numbers are showing that the cases are drastically down and there is a correlation between physical social distancing and what we’ve done and seeing those numbers go down. Now, as we reopen, it is going to be really important that we continue to wear masks, wash our hands, restaurants clean tables because we have to go back to society. The virus is still here. We have to open up our economy and the virus is still here. It is incumbent upon all of us to make sure we take the precautions so that the spread of the virus we don’t see what is happening in Florida.”

Listen to the full interview below.