David Pastrnak performs well in St. Louis, wins All-Star Game MVP


Even though David Pastrnak's Atlantic team fell in the championship to Pacific, he took home the NHL All-Star Game MVP in St. Louis Saturday night.

Pastrnak had a hat trick in the opening 9-5 win over the Metropolitan, and then had a goal and an assist in the 5-4 loss to the Pacific division in the championship.

"Definitely surprised. I would expect the winner should win MVP, you know?" Pastrnak told reporters afterwards.

He added: "If I was voted in by fans, I appreciate the love, you know? Probably wasn't any fans from the St. Louis building who voted, but for the fans that did, I appreciate the love."

Pastrnak received 36 percent of the online fan vote.

In recent years, the All-Star game has switched to 3-on-3 games involving the respective divisions.

The Bruins will return to the ice Friday against the Jets.