Fauria: 'He has to go back to being the old Tom Brady'


It wasn't difficult to find criticism directed at Tom Brady Friday.

The quarterback has opened himself up like never before, both to access via social media and public scrutiny, since leaving New England. The most recent example has come via Brady's social media showing him workout out at a Tampa-area high school with at least 17 of his Buccaneers teammates despite advice from the NFL Players Association to not participate in such events.

Tom Brady has gone from shouting LFG to channeling FDR: "Only thing we have to fear, is fear itself" https://t.co/jALaoQ94sW

— ProFootballTalk (@ProFootballTalk) June 25, 2020

Two tone TB squared shirt - gotta earn the dark orange ----

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“Brady-Chopper” back in action high about Berkeley Prep for Tom #Brady and his Bucs Bunch’s latest workouts. Despite NFLPA’s recommendation for players to stop workouts together Brady continues to get his new team ready. #GoBucs @FOX13News @TheHerd @FOXSports @TomBrady pic.twitter.com/Nkr5eSKnTn

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Then there is the perception that he is loving life like never before because he has been freed from the restrictions that come with playing for the Patriots, telling his throwing coach Tom House, "Football is fun again."

The change in Brady has gotten everybody talking, including Glenn Ordway, Lou Merloni and Christian Fauria on OMF Friday afternoon.

"It’s so uncharacteristic," Faura said. "If you go back and look at some the old posts of guys who left and got away its like Shawshank Redemption. Danny Amendola. Gronkowski, remember that? ‘Be happy you’re free.’ It’s the same thing. He’s Andy Dufresne who is finally free. He’s in the river and he has his hands up, filled with poop and smells like crap and he’s like, ‘Finally, I’m free. Let me enjoy it. Nobody is going to break my stride. I’m going to be me.’ This is who he is. … The guy we saw for the last 20 years? That wasn’t Tom Brady, that was Clark Kent. What we’re seeing now is the real Tom Brady."

Added Merloni. "For him it’s personal. ‘I’m out to prove I’m not done.’"

But all of it comes should come with a warning, explained Fauria. As the former Patriots tight end points out, there was a reason the way Brady did before served him well.

"To me, this new Brady is just like new Coke. He’s going to go back to being the old Tom Brady," Fauria noted. "Just like everybody hated the new Coke he is going to go back and they just got rid of it like it never existed. He has to go back to being the old Tom Brady if he’s going to make it through this."

NFLPA President:“Those practices are not in the best interest of player safety. They’re not in the best interest of protecting our players heading into training camp. I don’t think they are in the best interest of us getting through an entire season.”https://t.co/CEQbCYKdkw

— OMF (@OMFonWEEI) June 26, 2020