GHS test: What are real rules/fake rules for baseball season?


This 2020 Major League Baseball season is going to be a whole new ballgame.

With a myriad of COVID-19 precautions in place, MLB has left baseball fans scrambling to figure out what will be allowed and what won't be. The crew at the Greg Hill Show attempted to get a head start on what the new baseball landscape might look like, participating in a test regarding what are actually rules and which are the ones show producer Ken Laird simply made up.

Deciphering reality of fiction isn't so easy, as Greg Hill, Danielle Murr, Jermaine Wiggins and Chris Curtis discovered. Here were the questions, with the correct answers underneath the audio file:


1. Only Tier 1 people can shower at the park?

2. Players are not allowed to speak to the other team?

3. All hitters have to bring their pine tar rags/bat donuts to and from on-deck circle?

4. All pitchers have to bring rosin bag to the mound/Use own baseballs during bullpen sessions?

5. Players have to wash their own uniform?

6. Mascots are allowed, but not on the field?

7. Bench coaches not in dugout but will be up in suites like offensive coordinators?

8. Wet rag in pitchers’ pockets have to be rung out after each batter?

9, Baseballs used in batting practice can’t be used for five days and have to be sanitized?

10. Home run derby will decide game after the 11th inning?

11. Players and managers can’t argue with umpires within six feet or be subject to ejection/fine?

12. Umpires can check bottom lip of players for chewing tobacco?

13. Each player has to retrieve cap, glove, sunglasses if inning ends with them on base?



1 Rule; 2. Not rule; 3. Rule; 4. Rule; 5. Not rule; 6. Rule; 7. Not rule; 8. Not rule; 9. Rule; 10. Not rule; 11. Rule; 12. Not rule; 13. Rule.