Growing up, Jarrett Stidham was compared to Tom Brady, but preferred Peyton Manning

By WEEI 93.7

In high school, Jarrett Stidham was one of the best quarterbacks in the entire country.

(Read Ryan Hannable’s full story from Monday here.)

The story also revealed growing up, Stidham’s personal quarterbacks coach, Kelan Luker, said he threw like Tom Brady, but that bothered Stidham because he preferred Peyton Manning.

“When he was in seventh or eighth grade I told him he threw the ball a lot like Tom Brady and I thought it was kind of ironic because he sometimes kind of got upset like, ‘Peyton Manning is my guy. Peyton Manning,’” Luker said. “I was like, ‘Well, you don’t throw like Peyton Manning, you throw like Tom Brady.’ He just didn’t realize who Tom Brady was at that time.”

Luker also said he noticed Stidham grew up a great deal just from spending one year learning from Brady and being in the Patriots’ system.

“For him to play under Tom and go into a system that Tom helped create to watch and learn from, the last time I saw him I was like, ‘He’s growing up.’ This is great being in that football program under Brady, Bill Belichick,” he said. “It seems like he grew up tremendously. I couldn’t believe it. I thought he went to a perfect situation. I couldn’t believe it. I feel like he’s tremendously blessed to be part of that system.”

Stidham figures to have a good chance of being the Week 1 starter with Brian Hoyer and Cody Kessler behind him on the depth chart.