What if Twitter was around for Patriots-Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI? Let’s find out…

By WEEI 93.7
Feb. 3, 2002 was Super Bowl XXXVI between the Patriots and Rams and one of the biggest events not only in Boston sports history, but also sports history in general. It was the start of what would be a historic run of championships in the city of Boston. Obviously, Twitter was not around at this time, but what if it was? Andy Hart, Nick “Fitzy” Stevens and Ryan Hannable recently re-watched the game and reenacted what Twitter would have looked like if it were around for the game. Enjoy!


@FitzyGFY: Just want to say heading into this probably lopsided affair that it’s been an amazing season, an improbable run, and there’s lots to look forward to. Tonight MIGHT not be the night to end the sixteen year championship dry spell. But hey, Snow Bowl and Bledsoe in Pittsburgh, right?

@JumboHart: It goes without saying, but as heavy underdogs to the Rams, New England is going to need contributions from all three phases to have a chance to pull off an upset.

@RyanHannable: Keys to the game for the Patriots- Win turnover battle, get a special teams/defensive touchdown, limit big plays.

@JumboHart: Early in this game it’s going to be important to watch Tom Brady’s ankle and mobility coming off last Sunday’s injury in Pittsburgh. If he’s not right, there has to be a quick leash going to Drew Bledsoe quickly to stay competitive.

@FitzyGFY: Oh! This game HAD to be played someplace the Pats previously lost a Super Bowl? Come on! “Sir, how would you feel about getting re-married where you were previously divorced?”

@RyanHannable: Really like the Patriots +14.

@FitzyGFY: Maybe the greatest offense in NFL history vs. Belichick’s band of mighty football misfits. It’s all house money, but there is a slight chance, SLIGHT, this game could be remembered as The Greatest Massacre on Turf.

@FitzyGFY: The Patriots are taking the field as a team. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before. Unity! Chills! Goosebumps! America’s Team!

@RyanHannable: Great move by the Patriots to come out as a team. Can’t recall seeing this before in a Super Bowl.


@JumboHart: Rams gets the ball first. Not good.

@FitzyGFY: Yo Murphy almost Desmond Howard’s the Pats on the opening kickoff. What is it with Vinatieri and kickoffs in the Superdome? I need to calm down.

@JumboHart: Patriots DBs are being very physical on the first couple plays. Tebucky Jones is laying some lumber!

@FitzyGFY: Former grocery boy turned two-time NFL MVP. Pretty impressive, Kurt Warner. We’ll see where your story ranks when the legend of Tom Brady is told...

@FitzyGFY: Only one opening drive TD allowed last 26 games for the Pats. You want seven early you’re gonna have to earn it, Mad Martz!

@JumboHart: I don’t like Rams OC Mike Martz. Seems arrogant.

@FitzyGFY: Make that one opening drive touchdown allowed in their last twenty seven games played. Great start by the Pats D.

@RyanHannable: Fun fact- Patriots have allowed just one opening drive touchdown in their last 20 games.

@JumboHart: Freaking great, a young first-year starter at QB takes over inside the 5 in his first Super Bowl possession. Someone check Brady’s Underoos!

@FitzyGFY: First play - Brady to Brown for 20. As a fan of the movie Tombstone I just feel weird typing TB. #RIPDocHolladay

@JumboHart: Brady to Troy Brown baby, that’s how you get off the goal line! Never had any doubt/concern.

@JumboHart: Another completion to Troy Brown in the slot. Can’t imagine there will ever be a more productive, reliable slot receiver for the Patriots.

@FitzyGFY: From their own 3 to midfield. It’s not points, but small victories, people. SMALL VICTORIES!

@FitzyGFY: Ty just laid down the Law on that catch by Isaac Bruce. Pats making the Rams feel it every time they go out for a pass.

@FitzyGFY: Marshal Faulk on Richard Seymour for a first down. Mismatch City, population Big Sey

@FitzyGFY: Kurt Warner has a bloody lip. IT BLEEDS! (Duke from Rocky 4 voice) HIT HIM AGAIN!

@FitzyGFY: “Most fullbacks should be nicknamed Meat, I think.” --John Madden, American Treasure

@JumboHart: John Madden talking fullbacks nicknamed Meat. This is football.

@FitzyGFY: “You can’t stop em, you can only hope to contain them.” Well, Dan Patrick, the Rams got 3 but the Pats are doing a pretty great job of containing them so far. #superbowlXXXVI

@FitzyGFY: Last time the Pats played a Super Bowl in New Orleans they started the game 3-0, then were outscored 46-7. Anyone up for seeing the opposite of that tonight? Anyone? Bueller?

@RyanHannable: Rams 3, Patriots 0 with 3:10 left in the first quarter.

@FitzyGFY: Man...wish I had the stones to bet on the Pats holding the Rams to just 3 after one quarter. Could’ve made some serious coin. #GoPats 

@JumboHart: Patriots trailing 3-0 on a long Rams field goal late in the first quarter against the Greatest Show on Turf? I’ll take it.


@RyanHannable: So far so good for the Patriots. Defense really doing a nice job.

@JumboHart: Rams may win this game, but they are going to earn it and will be sore afterwards. The Patriots defense has come to play. And hit.

@FitzyGFY: Ooh! Vrabel almost got to that tipped ball! That’s right, pats, Keep the pressure on. You’ll get one soon enough. I got a feeling...

@JumboHart: Lawyer MIlloy with a big hit to break up a pass. As Madden notes, he’s the clear leader of this defense. Can’t imagine a New England defense without Milloy on it.

@FitzyGFY: Jeff Wilkins tries the 52 yarder, aaannnddd....shanks for trying. Now let’s get a drive in gear, boys! #GoPats

@FitzyGFY: Madden just said Brady looks like he’s aiming, not throwing the football. Come on, Tom! Use the Force. Trust your feelings. Let go.

@JumboHart: Brady is lucky that deep ball to David Patten wasn’t picked off. That one hung up. Drew would have slung it better than that. Just sayin.

@FitzyGFY: Another punt. Almost halfway through second and Pats can’t get a drive going. Leaning on this defense an awful lot. Is it asking too much for a drive, or maybe a pick? I’ll ask for the pick. 

@JumboHart: Ty Law with the pick-6! Huge rush on Warner by Vrabel! (And he got away with a hit to the head. Lol.) The Patriots are beating the Rams in the second quarter. This New England defense is playing well enough to win. Now Brady and Co. need to carry some of their weight at some point.

@FitzyGFY: ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE THE BALL FROM KURT WARNER! Pick-6 to Ty Law! Vrabel with the pressure. Pats with the lead. Holy shit. That is not a typo. PATS WITH THE LEAD!

@RyanHannable: What a play by Ty Law. He picks off Warner and runs it all the way back for a touchdown. That’s the defensive score Patriots were looking for.

@FitzyGFY: Pats might be staying in downtown New Orleans, but they’re starting to take up some space in Kurt Warner’s head as well. Pick-6, fumbled snap, Milloy almost snags another! Keep the pressure up, guys.

@FitzyGFY: Az-Zahir Hakim is an awesome name. Good receiver. Isaac Bruce is better. But Az might be an all-time great football name. Just sayin...

@FitzyGFY: Ken Walker again? Anyone know the ruling on trusting a punter with two first names?

@JumboHart: I’m not a huge U2 fan, but kinda looking forward to their halftime show. I got a good feeling about it.

@RyanHannable: Tom Brady and Drew Bledsoe going over things on the sideline. Brady needs to step up a bit for Patriots to have a shot in second half.

@FitzyGFY: Offense still can’t get anything going. Hold the Rams in the two minute drill, even give up a field goal, head to the half with a lead? Be a huge moral victory. Let’s go D!

@FitzyGFY: That’s a live ball! LIVE BALL! I don’t know who Buckley is but I could kiss you for recovering that. And Antwan Harris got a lid on that ball. Pats ball! Defense does it again! This isn unbelievable!

@JumboHart: Another Rams turnover on the fumble and T-Buck recovery! Romeo Crennel’s defense is kicking ass and taking names. Take that Ricky Proehl! Suck on that dynasty.

@FitzyGFY: Nice catch by Snow Bowl hero Jermaine Wiggins. “And Brady likes him. He’s nit the fastest guy in the world, but he can get in and out of a break.” Attaboy, Wiggy!

@FitzyGFY: Faulk yeah! Great run, 33! First and goal. MAKE THIS COUNT, PATS!!!

@JumboHart: I need a beer.

@FitzyGFY: That “Big Hits” montage FOX just ran of all the shots the Pats delivered to the Rams in the first half should’ve been labeled NSFW. Sexy.

@JumboHart: Did Madden just say Bill Belichick has opened up lately? Where? With who? And anointing him a great coach? Geez, John, get off his jock. What’s Belichick ever won as a head coach?

@FitzyGFY: TOUCHDOWN! Brady to Patten! What a throw! What a catch! Correct me if I’m wrong but that was the exact same pattern Bledsoe hit Patten on in Pittsburgh at the end of the half.

@JumboHart: Brady finally made a throw. Touchdown Patten! Holy crap it’s 14-3 at halftime. Wait, they are reviewing? WTF? Why? I hate replay.

@RyanHannable: Really nice job by Patriots offense there. Momentum definitely in their favor.

@JumboHart: Schock-what 36? What the hell is Pat Summerall talking about? Boy is he getting old.

@FitzyGFY: 14-3 Pats @ the half. WHAT WORLD IS THIS?!?

@FitzyGFY: This is Douglas vs. Tyson. And the Pats (Douglas) officially have the Rams (Tyson) on the ropes.

@RyanHannable: Halftime- Patriots 14, Rams 3


@RyanHannable: Keep an eye on how the longer halftime impacts the Patriots’ momentum. That could favor the Rams.

@FitzyGFY: Not sure what has me more shook; Pats up 14-3 on the Rams, or that incredible halftime show by U2. Greatest halftime show ever. let’s hope Pats put on a second half to match.

@FitzyGFY: Pats receive to start the half. A score here would ridiculous. I know, I’m being greedy. But this is the Rams! They can score 21 faster than you can say “Mike Martz is a nerd.”

@FitzyGFY: Nice run by Antowain Smith to midfield. Where’d he come from, Buffalo? Let’s not hold that against him. #GoPats

@FitzyGFY: OOH! Brady just overthrows Patten deep. Going for the jugular. Like the killer instinct. I LIKE IT.

@JumboHart: Brady looks deep for Patten down the left side again and overthrows him. He was open. Come on Brady. Brady’s deep balls really leave something to be desired, damn it.

@RyanHannable: Really like how aggressive Charlie Weis and Patriots offense has been so far in third.

@FitzyGFY: Yeah, that was a nice play by Grant Wistrom. But am I the only who feels slightly uncomfortable hearing Madden and Summerall use the word “penetration” over and over?

@JumboHart: Pat Summerall just said, “penetration is the key word.” Geez. Clean it up Pat, there are kids watching for crying out loud.

@FitzyGFY: Just when the Rams look like they’re about to get on track...SACK ATTACK. Oh you’ll Seymour of 93 tonight, Warner. #sorrynotsorry

@FitzyGFY: Warner hit going long to Holt...Warner hit on 3rd and 17. Kobra Kai football. MERCY IS FOR THE WEAK!

@JumboHart: Patriots up 14-3 midway through third quarter. And Summerall says on FOX that no team has ever come back to win a Super Bowl down this much at this point. STFU Pat you jinx!

@FitzyGFY: David Patten in open space is a dangerous man. FIRST DOWN! Keep it going, Pats! Do Your Job! Hey, I like that phrase...

@FitzyGFY: Drive stalls, ball back to the Rams. Pats D has been incredible, feel like it’s only s matter of if not when they’ll get their offense going.

@FitzyGFY: MY MAN! Otis Smith with the pick. And into scoring position! The man is an ageless wonder of clutch turnovers in big games (just ask Mark Brunell).

@JumboHart: O-T-I-S Smith with the interception! My god this Patriots defense is dominating right now. Could it really be this easy to shut down the Rams? 

@RyanHannable: I knew Patriots defense could limit Rams offense, but all these turnovers are a major surprise. Bill Belichick seems to know what he’s doing.

@FitzyGFY: Ooh! Kevin Faulk was gonna throw the halfback pass! Charlie Weis is pulling out all the stops. That’s how you beat these Rams. 

@JumboHart: Butterfingers Wiggins. WTF? Catch the ball.

@FitzyGFY: Vinatieri, money from 37 yards, putting the Pats up 17-3, with just over a minute left in the third. This game has officially gone from possibly to very winnable.

@JumboHart: OK. I’ll take the field goal. 17-3 with the third quarter about to end. Don’t wanna let myself feel confident, but I kinda am?

@RyanHannable: End of 3- Patriots, 17, Rams 3. Wow.


@FitzyGFY: Please collect your winnings if you had the Pats holding the Rams to just a field goal, up by two touchdowns, heading into the 4th quarter of Super Bowl 36. Unreal. COME ON PATS! Don’t just do your job; finish it!

@FitzyGFY: Was that Mike Vick in a Kurt Warner jersey? Nice play to avoid pursuit and complete to Conwell. Rams might have something going here...

@FitzyGFY: Marshall Faulk may have helped me win my fantasy championship this year, but I’m not here for your half points per reception tonight, fella!

@JumboHart: Crap. The Rams are starting to pick up steam. Faulk with a big play. God don’t do this to us.

@FitzyGFY: That’s two in a row - one by Milloy, one by Law, the Pats could have had. They’re up 14, I’m not complaining. But also...SWEAR WORDS!

@FitzyGFY: FUMBLE! Hundred yard scoop & score for Tebucky Jones! THAT. IS. BALLG...wait, there’s a flag on the play? (Jack Bauer voice) DAMNIT! You’ve got to be kidding me. That was the game! 

@FitzyGFY: Flag on McGinest for holding Faulk? They’ve let em play all night, and now this? That call was the worst thing I’ve seen since K-PAX. Total game-changer.

@JumboHart: Warner fumbles! Tebucky returns it for a TD! It’s all over. We’re winning this. Super Bowl Champions.

@JumboHart: Holding? On who? WTF? That’s terrible. Refs shouldn’t decide games. Come on. What a joke.

@FitzyGFY: Warner finally runs it in. 17-10. Rams back in this. Happy now, refs? I’m not.

@JumboHart: We just let Warner walk into the end zone? Out of a timeout? This is going to get annoying, isn’t it?

@RyanHannable: Patriots 17, Rams 10 with 9:31 to go.

@RyanHannable: Knew the Rams wouldn’t go quietly. Patriots really need a long, sustained drive here. Lots of Smith.

@FitzyGFY: Pats could use a clock killing drive here. Even if they can’t score just chew up the clock. Rams are kinda on track now. Only so much you can ask of this defense.

@FitzyGFY: Rams get the ball back, down a touchdown, half a quarter to go. I’m officially stress drinking.

@FitzyGFY: Oof! I’m gonna be feeling that hit McGinest just put on Warner tomorrow. Sure he will, too.

@JumboHart: Thank the lord I’m only 23. Otherwise I think this game would be killing me.

@FitzyGFY: Rams are driving. Warner’s getting time. Couple yards here, nice little completion there. I can’t sit still. Doubt you can either. Might get sick.

@JumboHart: 4:01 to play. 4 minutes to either mayhem or misery. This is great and awful all at once.

@FitzyGFY: HOLY GIANT SACK, MCGINEST! The play, I mean. You get it. Huge play. Great coverage by the Pats, too.

@FitzyGFY: Great coverage on 3rd down! Rams can’t go for it on 4th and 20. Just over three minutes for the offense to kill and the Pats will be...I won’t say it, but...yeah. COME ON BOYS!