Lucy & Elaine Show, Ep. 2: Danielle Murr talks joining WEEI, sex furniture; Lucy and Elaine get to know each other

By WEEI 93.7

This week on the Lucy and Elaine Show, Lucy and Elaine got the chance to talk with Danielle Murr about her transition from WAAF to WEEI.

"I want to prove to them, hey, you know what? You probably will like me after a while," Danielle said. "Give me a chance and if you don't and you hate me that's fine too. I'm not for everybody and not everybody is for everybody."

She explains the challenges she faces, along with details of her personal life. Everything from her undisclosed number of rescue animals to her drunk Amazon purchases.

Also in this episode, Lucy and Elaine share a new power couple in Pats Nation, debate the looks of a new stud in the line up and discuss what they think Gronk is doing next. They also spend a few minutes getting to know each other so that you can get to know them. What you learn might surprise you! All of this and more on The Lucy and Elaine Show Episode 2.