Off Day podcast: Are there legitimate concerns with N’Keal Harry?

By WEEI 93.7

One of the most noteworthy things from Monday's in-stadium practice was rookie wide receiver N'Keal Harry struggling to catch the football.

This has been a trend over the first five days of Patriots training camp where Harry has seemed to have issues with not only catching the ball, but lining up in the right spots and also with his route-running. This is fairly typical for rookies, but the Patriots are expecting a lot out of their first-round pick considering their depth at wide receiver.

Harry was a major topic of discussion on this week's episode of the Off Day podcast with Andy Hart and Ryan Hannable.

“He is struggling to catch the football," Hart said. "He’s struggling to run routes, struggling to get open. Now, I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt, it is early. His head is spinning. He’s learning the offense. As Brian Hoyer was talking about [Jarrett Stidham], as things start to stack up, like you’re not even sure what we did on Thursday, and on Friday they added new things that build off what you did Thursday and you’re like, ‘Hey guys, I wasn’t even comfortable with Thursday yet.’ It just stacks up.”

Although Hannable shares the same thoughts, he did counter with other young players who have struggled early on in practice, but picked it up once the games got going.

“There have been some cases too where some young players have looked poor in practice — Jimmy Garoppolo comes to mind — and then when the games begin and the lights comes on he shines," he said. "Maybe we see that with Harry. Like you said before, maybe it is too early to jump to major conclusions.”

Listen to the full podcast below.