Report: Red Sox postpone White House trip until May

By WEEI 93.7

So much for getting the White House trip out of the way early. The Red Sox will be postponing their visit with President Donald Trump due to the ongoing government shutdown, according to a report from the Boston Globe. They are now expected to go in May.

In an interview with Dale & Keefe last week, Red Sox president Sam Kennedy confirmed that the team was planning to visit the White House on Feb. 15, but he also raised the possibility that the shutdown -- which has now dragged on for more than a month -- could change those plans.

While the government could re-open at any time, it appears the shutdown has reached the point where the Red Sox are no longer comfortable with their Feb. 15 plans. According to the Globe's report, the trip is now tentatively scheduled for May 6-8, when the team will be in nearby Baltimore to play the Orioles.