Watch: Kevan Miller fights Miles Wood, gets revenge for Thursday night


There was an expectation that playing a team eight times in a season, often in a two-game series, would result in some rivalries and some hatred building up pretty quickly.

The opening seconds of Saturday's Bruins-Devils game was a good example of that. Devils winger Miles Wood ran into Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask a couple times in Thursday night's season-opener -- picking up a pair of goaltender interference penalties in the process -- and the Bruins made it clear after the game that they weren't happy about it.

With the two teams meeting again on Saturday afternoon, it didn't take long to settle some scores. Kevan Miller dropped the gloves with Wood just 19 seconds into the game, with Wood a more than willing dance partner.

Miller, coming off a strong debut after missing the previous 20 months, showed his fists aren't too rusty either, scoring a decisive victory and pumping up the Bruins bench in the process.

Watch the fight below:

Asked about the fight in a first intermission interview, Wood said, "I respect Kevan. I probably would’ve done the same thing if our goalie got hit a few times. It is what it is and that’s hockey sometimes."

Wood also scored a goal in the first period to give New Jersey a 1-0 lead.