Tanguay: Why I am furious with the Celtics


I am furious with the Celtics! The blown 24-point lead and subsequent loss to the Pelicans was puke-inducing. (Oh, and what a stupid name the Pelicans, by the way.)

My love-hate relationship with the Celtics this season has just turned to plain hate. Drive them all to the airport – except Robert Williams III – and send them packing.

Your .500 Celtics were outscored 46-28 in the fourth quarter and overtime against the now 13-17 New Orleans Pelicans. What? Did these guys think Zion Williamson would not come out rolling in the second half? This Celtic team has no heart!

No more excuses.

Brad Stevens cannot coach this team.

Danny Ainge has not stocked the bench properly.

Kemba Walker is not good, and he does not fit with this team! If I am Wyc Grousbeck I am dumping the post-game spread, making these guys fly commercial and shipping them to the G-League.

I have loved the Celtics all of my life. I have a championship ring. It's not as big as Kevin Garnett's from the 2008 season but one that I will always treasure. And THAT IS WHY I AM LIVID with this team.

They are not worthy of the wearing the Celtic green and white.

As I said last week, we have overrated this team greatly and if you did not believe me then you have to believe me now.