The Celtics' last signing should be old friend Isaiah Thomas


OK, roll call ...

The Celtics lost Gordon Hayward and signed both Tristan Thompson and Jeff Teague. That is what happened this past weekend.

The debates regarding these moves are far from done. Why didn't Danny Ainge get something for Hayward? Are the Celtics actually a better team with Thompson and Teague ?

But the great thing is that the flurry of roster-altering activity actually might not be done. That's where the Isaiah Thomas conversation comes in.

The Celtics still have the bi-annual exception. This allows Danny Ainge to acquire a player for just more than $3 million on a deal that can be up to two years in length, with their raise coming in at 5 percent if there is a second season.

What the Celtics could use is a shooter (allowing for some patience with first-round pick Aaron Nesmith), and it just so happens there are some who would be available for the price tag we're talking.

Dameyan Dotson. Shaquille Harrison. Dion Waiters. Shabazz Napier. Fine. All viable options.

But call me sentimental, but I want Thomas.

It is fully understood the Celtics don't need a point guard. But they do need an off-the-bench scorer. And at this point in the 31-year-old's career he should be viewed much more the latter than the former.

Of those names thrown out, nobody had a higher three-point shooting percentage in 2019-20 than Thomas, coming in at 41.3 percent (the best of his career) while averaging 23.1 minutes and 12.2 points per game for the Wizards.

It's been a long road for Thomas since leaving Boston, and many might view the guard as a player's best days are simply too far behind him. But the Celtics don't need Thomas' best days. And that's why this could work.