Watch: Brad Stevens has great response to reporter's technical difficulties on Zoom call


Anyone who has been taking part in Zoom meetings while working from home has probably experienced it at one time or another: technical difficulties.

With press conferences across the sports world now being conducted via Zoom instead of in person, they’ve surfaced there as well.

The latest example: Celtics coach Brad Stevens’ Zoom call with reporters on Thursday. (You can watch the exchange in the video above. Warning: One NSFW word.)

As the press conference was winding down, the Celtics’ media relations team called on The Athletic’s Jay King to unmute himself and ask his question.

Unfortunately, King couldn’t get himself unmuted, leading to the usual awkward waiting period before a decision is made to move on.

But then King’s audio started working… just in time to capture his frustration. “What the [expletive],” King could be heard saying.

Stevens had some fun with it, responding, “Was that the question you had for me?”

King, to his credit, also took it in stride afterwards. And in all fairness, it wasn’t the worst question given the fact the Celtics now trail the Heat 3-1 in the Eastern Conference Finals.