Bill Belichick applauds team, coaching staff for picking up slack for him recently


It has been an emotional few weeks for Bill Belichick and his family, as well as the Patriots team.

Belichick's mom Jeannette passed away on Sept. 16 at the age of 98 and then a few days later, his long-time girlfriend Linda Holliday's father, James, passed away as well. And then James White's father was tragically killed in a car crash last weekend.

The Patriots coach opened his video conference following the 36-20 win over the Raiders by thanking the entire organization for pulling some extra weight recently, and acknowledging the whole team is thinking of White.

“First of all, on a personal note, I would just like to express my sincere thanks to everyone for the words and condolences and notes and emails and messages and so forth that I have received over the last week," he said. "It was very moving and touching, much appreciated on behalf of [son] Brian, [son] Steve and [daughter] Amanda, and Linda [Holliday] and her dad. We received an outpouring of support from really all different levels. Certainly our family and Mr. Kraft, the entire Patriots organization, can’t say enough how much I appreciate how everybody helped this week and how hard they worked when I probably wasn’t able to fully pull my weight here. I really give the team and the organization a lot of credit.

“We still continue to send out our thoughts and prayers out to James, his brother, his mother and the rest of his family. We’re thinking about him.”

The Patriots held a moment of silence for White's father prior to the game.