Bruschi: Two reasons why Tom Brady is struggling


Tom Brady is on pace to cruise past his career-high for most interceptions in a season, a mark he set in 2005 when throwing 14 picks. After 11 games, the Buccaneers' quarterback sits at nine.

So, what is the problem? Why aren't we seeing a more productive Brady despite an embarrassment of riches when it comes to receiving options?

Appearing on OMF with Lou Merloni and Christian Fauria, former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi had some thoughts on the matter.

Topping his list in terms of blame: Tampa Bay coach Bruce Arians and the inability of the Bucs' running backs to catch the football.

"I think there is a combination of two things that is holding the Tampa Bay offense back and also Brady in terms of his success and one is Bruce Arians because the guy is just stubborn," Bruschi said. "Tom is in the middle of a team with a head coach that our old Patriots teams would love going up against team like this. They have the philosophy of we do what we do and we’re just going to do it, we’re better than you, we think our players are better so go ahead and do what you want I’m still going to throw my deep routes and all this and all of that. We would just adjust to it and take it away know that they still force it in there and we would pick it off. We would do something like that. Bruce Arians and that type of stubbornness … And the second thing is holding that offense back are the running backs. They can’t catch. … I mean as a quarterback, let me get my five, man. All I want is five. Catch it and fall forward and it’s 2nd-and-6 or it’s 2nd-and-7. You never know, you break a tackle and you’re moving the chains. That’s what they are not getting. To watch over and over, Fournette drop it. Jones drop it. You can see the look on Tom’s face, ‘Dude, you will never be James White.’ Something like that that. Those are the easy yards that you take that Tom just doesn’t have anymore so he’s got to push it down the field."

The Buccaneers currently sit at 7-4, two games in back of first-place New Orleans.