Cam Newton on GHS raves about Bill Belichick: 'He’s like a walking almanac of football'


Cam Newton and Bill Belichick's relationship was a major topic of discussion when the QB signed in New England over the summer, but to this point it seems like it's gone as well as it possibly could.

Appearing on The Greg Hill Show Monday, Newton was asked if their relationship has changed at all during the year and the QB said he's grown to respect the coach even more, while also noting his relationship with Josh McDaniels and Jedd Fisch.

“It hasn’t changed, I can tell you that. Bill is such a student, he’s such a historian, he’s such a teacher of the game that when he talks, obviously you listen," Newton said. "But the way he explains certain things and even going back to lineage of the game, he’s like a walking almanac of football. For him to bring up a situation that may have happened in ’92, may have happened in ’84, it may have happened in 2006 — he will have video recollection of it just to prove to you and just explain to you what he was necessarily talking about. My relationship with Bill over these months of being together has expanded with more respect — I don’t even know if that is even possible for me — but it has expanded.

“But also just enjoying the moment with all the other coaches. A person that I have admired from afar is coach [Jerod] Mayo, his son Stevie B, as I call him, and Jedd [Fish] and Josh [McDaniels] have just been angels sent from heaven at times. A person to talk to, not only about football, but off the field as well. It’s just been a great last couple of months for me.”

Newton signed a one-year deal so he will be a free agent after the year.