Cam Newton on GHS discusses Patriots' mentality going forward, comfort with offense


With Sunday's 27-20 loss to the Texans, the Patriots find themselves 4-6 on the year and in 11th place in the AFC.

While they are technically still in the playoff hunt, they need a lot of things to go right and their way for it to happen.

So, what is the Patriots' mentality going forward?

“There’s no slogan, no word, there’s nothing outside of we have to do it for ourselves," Cam Newton said Monday on The Greg Hill Show. "I think everybody in that locker room understands that and I wouldn’t dare put the pressure on us to say, ‘Well, we have to win out.’

"We’re just going to take one week at a time and win the game as it needs to be won. For us, whether that’s throwing the football, if that’s running the football, whether that is stopping them on defense, it just doesn’t matter. We just have to get the job done.”

As for Newton personally, he's certainly improved each week, but he acknowledged he still doesn't have a full grasp of the offense.

"I think every day for me is another opportunity for me to get better," he said. "Do I know everything in this offense? No, I do not. But I am striding to do that. Whether it is from watching film, to taking notes, to asking the proper questions, that is my job to do and I feel as if I am more in control than I have been. I can say that.”

And specific to the loss to Houston, Newton believes the Texans are much better than they record says and the Patriots need to continue to get better each week.

“I think the Texans was a perfect indication of a team — a good team with just a bad record," he said. "I have been on record to describe us as the same way, but at the same time, each week is a different challenge. Deshaun [Watson] had a hell of a game. Coach [Bill Belichick] harped on that all week, defensively they presented challenges to us that another team did not. At times, we moved the ball offensively, but we weren’t consistent enough. I am speaking more or less about myself. We just have to keep taking these opportunities week-by-week to get better and I think we will.”

With it being Week 11, the Patriots are running out of weeks to get better as sooner rather than later it won't matter and the focus will be on next season.