Cam Newton on GHS expresses confidence in Patriots wide receivers: 'We good to go'


Do the Patriots have enough at wide receiver? According to Cam Newton, it appears that answer is yes.

Appearing on The Greg Hill Show Tuesday morning, Newton was asked if he feels like the team needs to go out and add another wide receiver, but the QB expressed confidence in the group he has.

“Man, I’ll say this, the answers are in that locker room. Simple and plain," he said. "We got Little Bud, Doughboy, Highway 11 and MyGerms. We good to go. Let me rewind that. We have Damiere Byrd, N’Keal Harry, Julian Edelman and Jakobi Meyers.”

Newton has nicknames for every play on the offense, so that is where all those names come from.

Dating back to the end of training camp, some have believed the team needs another playmaker at the position, and that could still happen, but the QB seems to be in the same corner as his receivers.

As for the end of Sunday’s loss to the Seahawks, Newton has no regrets about the final play call and said he should have scored.

“The same damn play,” he said when asked if he would have ran the same play over again. “Listen, we ran the play four times and it’s not my job to go back-and-forth with what Coach decides, it’s my job to execute what Coach decides. Simple and plain. For me, we ran the play four times and we were successful three of those four times and the fourth time was obviously the last play. Yet through it all, that’s championship caliber football and we just have to be better, I have to be better. And there was an opportunity when I went back and looked at the film, I could have bounced it. It would have been a walk-in.

“Yet through it all, I know scrutiny would have came no matter what the play call would have been. Let’s be honest, if I would have handed the ball off, sure, there would have been scrutiny. If I would have dropped back to pass — ‘Well, you can’t do that, you’re on the 1-yard line. Just run it in.’ Either way it would have went, we would have had scrutiny and it’s up to us as players, me specifically, to do just a better job executing.”

The Patriots are now 1-1 on the year and will host the Raiders at Gillette Stadium this Sunday.