Cam Newton gives unique perspective on Bill Belichick-Josh McDaniels relationship


Cam Newton has only been a member of the Patriots for a few months, but he's worked closely with Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels, so he has a good perspective on their relationship.

Speaking via video conference Thursday, Newton said it's similar to a father-son relationship and the two have so much trust in each other.

“Attention to details. Attention to details," he said when asked what makes McDaniels so good. "It’s no wonder he’s had so much success with being a coach here for so long. It is kind of like a father-son relationship. I know I may be speaking out of turn, but it’s so empowering just to see Coach Belichick and Coach McDaniels’ relationship. I know from what I have seen, Coach Belichick has so much trust in Coach McDaniels and vice versa. Obviously, if you’re going to be under someone’s tutelage, why not it be that specific person in Coach Bill.

"But, Josh is a person who really pays attention to the details and tries to get that added incentive out of a player, performance-wise as much as he can. He stays on each and every person. The way he coaches me is the same way he coaches Doughboy [N’Keal Harry], Hoyster [Brian Hoyer] and everybody else. That’s what you can love and respect about him.”

Newton also acknowledged he's a different person this year and that has helped him when it comes to in-game adjustments and learning from his offensive coordinator.

“I am such a different person now and just ready to digest certain things differently than I have been in the past," he said. "I have been growing each and every year. He’s a person who really kind of spells out a lot of things. Coming from me, I am a person who loves to put things in layman’s terms no matter how complex or how simple things may be to other people. He does that. He’s a great teacher first and a coach second.

"For him, to make sure everybody is firing on all cylinders from different ID points, to the reason we are calling a play, to in-game adjustments, to trying to attack this defense, … is something that is relatively neat and impressive.”

McDaniels, Newton and the entire Patriots offense will have their work cut out for them Sunday afternoon when they take on the Chiefs in Kansas City.