Could Chase Winovich changing positions be more than one game thing?


Part of the Patriots' new-look defense against the Ravens had Chase Winovich playing more of a traditional linebacker role.

After the game he admitted he hadn't played much off the of scrimmage since high school, but he was one of the better players on the defense in the game.

When speaking via Friday conference Friday, Winovich may have hinted the change may be more than just a one game deal.

“Playing off the ball was obviously a lot of fun,” he said. “It allowed me to really see the whole field and use some of the other attributes. I already talked about this after the game. I’d say some of the biggest things are just getting familiar with the different types of reads and — after playing for so long at a certain position, you get a feel for how tackles move and just different looks and it’s almost muscle memory. But whenever you switch positions, you kind of have to start from scratch in a certain sense.

“But honestly, football’s pretty natural to me. A lot of the stuff are things that I’m reading anyways from an outside linebacker positions and sometimes they’re just easier from an inside linebacker position, so I really haven’t had too much difficulty in terms of picking some things up. I think it’s just the finer details is what I’m trying to groom and it’s obviously tougher to do that midseason than it would be if I started maybe in camp or something but you can’t really worry about that and the coaches are really helping obviously to bridge that gap quickly — when we’ve obviously practiced that, sorry. I should elaborate on that.”

Given what the Patriots have at the traditional linebacker position, we wouldn't be surprised at all if the move is more permanent.