Devin McCourty stands up for Titans when it comes to spread of COVID-19


Following close to 25 members of the Titans testing positive for COVID over the last few weeks, the organization received a lot of blame from those around the league.

Some of that was following reports of the team holding off-site workouts when the facility was closed, but speaking Wednesday via video conference, Patriots defensive captain Devin McCourty stood up for them.

“I think for all of us right now, as these things continue to come back negative, and as we’re all, trust me, we’re not experts, but as we’re all learning [about] incubation period and all of that," he said. "I think we all learned a lot from just watching Tennessee, the incubation period and seeing how long that they had positive tests here and there come up. I think a lot of blame went to them at first and it’s like, ‘No, as you watch the virus, once it gets in there is an incubation period.’"

The Patriots currently have four players on the COVID list, but have not have a positive test since Saturday night/Sunday morning, so the team team feeling more comfortable having a full practice on Thursday.

"I think as we’ve moved further and further away from that and we continue to get negative tests there’s definitely I think for all the guys a good feeling of get back in there and start — obviously we’ve been prepping to play Denver, but to go out on the practice field together and do those things and see them, I think just gives you more and more confidence," McCourty said. "We play games where Thursday night games, or certain things where you don’t get a lot of practice time you just watch film and you have to go out there that way, and we’ve done it with practicing. We’re preparing either way, but I just think as an athlete and as a competitor there’s something good about being back out on the field.

"Even what we did today of being back on the field and doing some of the normal things you do just makes you feel good. Hopefully we can continue to move in that direction. Each day you’re just waiting to see and hoping. It’s like Christmas and you’re just hoping for all negatives so you can move forward and continue to build. It’s not on our control so whatever it ends up being we just have to figure out the next step and go from there and be ready to play Sunday at [1 p.m.].”