Fauria: Bruce Arians is to blame for this Tom Brady problem


The marriage between Tom Brady and Bruce Arians hasn't gone quite as planned. That we know.

With the quarterback's inconsistency, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' head coach somewhat surprisingly pointed analysis of Brady, it had led to all kind of conversation.

So, who is to blame for sporadic chaos and controversy? Appearing on the Greg Hill Show, Christian Fauria offered his take.

"Are you telling me Bruce Arians is a good tutor, a good teacher? He sucks," the OMF co-host said. "I blame it all on Bruce Arians because Carson Palmer (who played under Arians in Arizona) is not a dumb guy. Brady is not a dumb guy. Andrew Luck is not a dumb guy. None of these guys are stupid, but it doesn’t really make sense. I think they end up fighting what they know is right and what Bruce Arians is telling them to do.

"There are some coaches, and even some parents or some teachers, they say, ‘Listen, I’m going to discipline you all the same. I’m going to treat you all the same. I always thought that was stupid because there are so many different guys who need a different way of learning. You can’t discipline everyone hard. Some guys react and response to different types of discipline. If you push them than they push back and nobody benefits from it. He’s that type of guy. I have one system. I have one way of coaching. Figure it out. You’re smart, figure it out. Well, it’s going to take a year. Well, we’ll see you next year. That’s who I think he is. I don’t know if Byron Leftwich is doing him any favors either. He’s the smartest guy in the room when he walks in there."

Fauria pointed out there every quarterback Arians has had either as an offensive coordinator or head coach has struggled in his first season, dating back to when the current Bucs' head man was coaching at Temple in the early 1980's. (The only exception, he pointed out, was Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.)

"I think he’s a bad teacher," noted Fauria.

So, with things not going as swimmingly as he might have envisioned, one of the other questions posed to Fauria was whether or not the 68-year-old Arians would want to return for a second year with Brady.

"Between all the questions that he has to answer, the issues with Antonio Brown, he probably thought it was going to be a lot easier," Fauria noted. "Everyone was going to love him. They were going to score 35 points, they were going to win every game, everyone was going to love Gronk. But has been a lot more challenging for him than I think he could have ever imagined. Based on his personality, he just doesn’t want to deal with this stuff. He just wants to go out there and have a good time."