Fauria to Patriots fans after Le'Veon Bell's deal with Chiefs: 'You should be worried. You should be sad'


How much Le'Veon Bell will help the Chiefs remains to be seen. But according to Christian Fauria, there is one absolute when it comes to how the running back's choice of team impacts the shift of power in the NFL.

"Should you be pissed off? You should be worried," Fauria said on OMF with Glenn Ordway and Lou Merloni Friday. "You should be sad. Cash in your chips right now and sit on the sideline.

"I'm done being delusional. The reality is that the Chiefs just got so much better. The fact is that the Chiefs are now you. The Chiefs are now what you used to be. Everybody wants to go to Kansas City, eat some custard, win Super Bowls, be it the mix every single time. Be in the discussion for the next 10 years at least. At least!"

Ordway responded to the assertion that the Chiefs are setting themselves up to build the same sort of dynasty the Patriots managed, leaning on how Patrick Mahomes' 10-year contract might hamstring Kansas City. "They're not going to be able to pay everybody," he said.

To which Fauria quickly responded, "They're not going to be able to pay everybody."

Merloni went on to take Fauria's side. "This is the type of player that get released by is still good, like Le'Veon Bell and Leonard Fournette and they didn't when they normally do. But they didn't because you're not the draw anymore."

Fauria adde that Bell's choice of teams should be a wake-up call for those Patriots followers who believe little has changed over the past year.

"I would say, Patriots fan how do you feel? I think the realization of where you're at as far a competitive nature," he said. "The pecking order? It has changed so drastically. You're not in the conversation. You're not a contender."