Julian Edelman via GHS comments on Bill Belichick's torn-up sweatshirt: Respect level up the roof


Earlier in the week, Bill Belichick's torn-up sweatshirt that he wore to Wednesday's video conference went viral on the internet.

Appearing on The Greg Hill Show Friday morning, Julian Edelman was asked for his thoughts on it.

"The respect level goes up the roof for a guy just doesn't care what he looks like,” he said. “He just cares about results and getting the job done."

Edelman theorized it's from 2010.

The veteran wide receiver was again asked about Cam Newton and he discussed how fun he is to play with.

“I mean, he’s played in a lot of big football games,” Edelman said. “He’s won a lot and he’s done a lot of great things throughout his career — college career, junior college. He’s had a long road. He’s had some adversity here and there. He’s seemed to always be a fighter. I’ve been excited to play with him from the jump. He’s got a very eccentric personality. He’s got great vibes that always come off. He’s energetic. He’s a fun football player. He’s fun to play with. That was my expectation and of course you always manage your expectations until you get to learn someone, but that was I was feeling.”

As for Newton earlier in the week implying the team doesn’t need to add any wide receivers because the answers are in the locker room, Edelman is only thinking about this week.

“I am not going to worry about what other people are saying or this or that, I am going to keep my focus on the Raiders,” he said.