Julian Edelman explains what it's like watching Tom Brady, Buccaneers


For the first time in his NFL career, Julian Edelman did not reach the postseason, so he's watching the action from home for the first time.

Not only that, he's seeing his former teammate and good friend Tom Brady make it all the way to the NFC title game in his first season with the Buccaneers.

Appearing on Pardon My Take Friday, Edelman explained what watching Brady (and Rob Gronkowski) in Tampa Bay is like.

“It’s kind of like a relationship or a marriage where you grew apart, but you still love each other. You still love each other," he said. "You still may have a couple of kids — we have three kids -- so there’s still communication of what you guys are going through and how you’re doing, but you both got your own lives that you have to keep on going towards. That’s kind of how it’s like.

"I want to see those guys do well. It’s awesome seeing Gronk and Tommy doing well and playing and making big plays. Right now, it’s obviously definitely weird. It is what it is.”

Edelman was asked about his future plans and potentially retiring, but he kept his answers coy and didn't really address it.