Julian Edelman via GHS not worried about Cam Newton running too much


In the Week 1 win over the Dolphins, Cam Newton ran the ball 15 times, the second-most attempts of his entire career.

Given his injury history of late, some have wondered if this is sustainable for 16 games, even if it isn't double-digit attempts each and every week. The coaching staff seemed to downplay these concerns this week and so did Julian Edelman.

“I think our coaching staff is going to do the best they can to put him in the best situation to go out and help lead this team, and lead this offense whether that’s running, throwing, that’s up to Coach [Josh] McDaniels," Edelman said Friday morning on The Greg Hill Show. "Cam is a big man. He plays smart. If you really watch, he didn’t take any crazy hits. He looks like a really fast defensive end, guys are like bouncing off of him.

"I am just kind of worried about what I have to do to go out and perform for him and the offense. I’m sure the coaching staff will be thinking of those things. He is a start football. I am sure he will take care of himself when it comes to those things.”

Newton finished with 75 yards and two touchdowns on those 15 attempts.

We'll see what happens Sunday night in Seattle, but it doesn't seem like Newton will be held back at all.