Kyle Shanahan: It was 'really fun' working with Bill Belichick during Jimmy Garoppolo trade


This is the week of Jimmy Garoppolo and revisiting the 2017 trade with the 49ers in which the Patriots received a second-round pick in return.

Speaking on a conference call with the New England media Wednesday, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said how "fun" it was to work through the trade with Bill Belichick.

"I mean, I think I've said it all before. We just went through the process. I know Bill was a big fan, and I mean, I enjoyed talking to him about it. It helped me out with stuff, stuff that will probably stay between Bill and I, but he was a great guy to deal with," he said. "It's always hard to get trades done, but when you deal with someone who's just about football and pretty simple and everything else, it's easy to get stuff done. That’s why it's really fun dealing with someone like Bill when you're trying to make two teams better."

Garoppolo is 21-7 as a starter with the 49ers since the trade and Shanahan said he's seen him grow as a leader over that time.

"I mean, I think he came in and definitely knew how to act as a leader," he said. "He probably had watched one of the best ever do it for the few years he was in New England. He also was around the best coach ever the whole time he was in there and a system that really helps teach people how to be pros. So, when he came here, he knew how to act. It was very easy. It was great. But, I think the longer you're around a place, the more you get to know people on a personal level and the more people get to know him. And when you're a good player and you're also a good leader, the more people get to know you as a person and stuff, I feel like that stuff only gets stronger."

The Patriots will host the 49ers Sunday afternoon.